Convey that fruit with speed & ease

1 September 2000

Convey that fruit with speed & ease

NEED a quicker and easier way of moving boxes of fruit or vegetables?

Staffs-based Vanriet now offers the Flexiveyor, a non-powered flexible conveyor for receiving boxes at the end of packing or grading lines.

Offered in 12 track lengths from 1.5m to 9.9m, the Flexiveyor can be curved up to 180í or into "S" bends to fit around obstructions.

The Flexiveyor is available in a choice of track widths up to 750mm and can be fitted with wheel or guidance rollers for carrying weights up to 120kg and 150kg, respectively.

Optional extras include a choice of end-stop rollers or plates and stainless steel roller bearings for use in wet conditions. (01827-288871).

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