15 August 1997


Cultivations are the cornerstone on which all arable farm profits are built. Get them wrong and crop production suffers all year long, jeopardising output and adding to costs.

Todays rock bottom cereal prices and dismal break crop returns are already sending shivers down the spines of growers. Many have reacted by freezing spending.

That is understandable given the cash-flow implications of having to store grain longer in the hope that prices will rise.

But crops still need establishing and they need establishing correctly. Use anything other than the most appropriate equipment and profits are sure to suffer.

The challenge is to find the most cost-effective equipment and that demands a careful look at what is on offer.

At Cultivations 97 – the national cultivations and crop establishment event – FARMERS WEEKLY and the East of England Agricultural Society have joined forces to help you do just that. On Tue, Sept 9, the UKs key equipment suppliers will put their machines through their paces at Shuttleworth Farm, Biggleswade, Beds courtesy of the Shuttleworth Trust. The medium/heavy site will provide a real test.

Be sure to attend and see how new machines can help you get crops off to the best start possible, at least cost to your business.

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