Cows dig ballads

29 June 2001

Cows dig ballads

SCIENTISTS have discovered that playing music to cows can increase milk yields but songs need to be slow and soothing rather than fast and funky.

Trials carried out by psychologists from the University of Leicester showed that milk yields increased by 0.2l a day when cows were played slow music during the day.

But playing the animals fast music, such as the Wonderstuffs Size of a cow or Muds Tiger Feet, caused yields to drop from an average of 23.89l to 23.36l.

Adrian North of the music research group at the universitys school of psychology said the results were statistically significant.

"We have found cows respond to a pleasant auditory environment by producing more milk. It seems that slow music had the effect of alleviating stress and relaxing the animals which resulted in greater milk yields."

Songs included on the cows favoured play-list were Simon and Garfunkels Bridge over Troubled Water and Beethovens Pastoral Symphony. &#42

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