Cows milk in health scare

9 August 2001

Cows’ milk in health scare

By FWi staff

DRINKING cows milk may result in problems including allergies, diabetes and heart disease, according to a report in The Independent.

The article claims that the components of milk may be good for a growing calf, but they can have unwanted side-effects in humans.

Researchers claim to have found links between milk and a range of diseases and health problems.

These include prostrate and ovarian cancer, allergies, food intolerance, diabetes, heart disease, cataracts, infertility and colic in babies.

“There is no nutritional requirements for dairy products, and there are serious problems that can result from the proteins, sugar, fat and contaminants in milk,” a US-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is quoted as saying.

But Dr Beckie Lang, a Medical Research Council nutrition researcher, told the paper that milk and dairy products should form part of a balanced diet.

“The research is inconclusive and there is not enough evidence to stop me putting milk and dairy products in a balanced, healthy diet.”


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