CPS vows to continue GM actions

28 June 2001

CPS vows to continue GM actions

By Fwi staff

DESPITE losing high profile cases the Crown Prosecution Service insists proceedings will continue against people who damage genetically modified crops.

Prosecutors said they will consider each case of alleged damage on their merit, reports The Guardian.

This came after a district judge at Harwich magistrates court acquitted on a legal technicality 11 people accused of criminal damage.

The six men and five women had denied causing criminal damage to a GM forage maize crop at Wivenoe, Essex, on 20 July last year.

The group had been charged with damaging a GM crop. But while the Crown later accepted that no GM crop was damaged, no amended charge was put to the defendants.

Lord Melchett, former head of Greenpeace was one of 28 anti-GM protesters cleared at Norwich crown court last September.

And in June charges of aggravated trespass were dropped against protesters who damaged GM crops near Sherborne in Dorset.

National Farmers Union president Ben Gill said the Norwich verdict gave the green light to wanton vandalism and trespass”.


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