Credibility of Krebs questioned

4 September 2000

Credibility of Krebs questioned

By FWi staff

THE CREDIBILITY of the man leading the governments food safety experts has been called into question following remarks he made about organic food.

Professor Sir John Krebs, who head the Food Standards Agency, told the BBC Countryfile programme the organic industry relies on image.

He said there was no evidence that organic food was healthier or safer than conventionally grown produce

But Lib Dem MP Paul Tyler, promoter of the Organic Foods and Targets Bill, said Sir John had spoken out of turn.

Its all very well for Prof Krebs, as Prof Krebs to express a rather individual, perhaps even idiosyncratic view about organic food, Mr Tyler told the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme.

He said as head of a government agency Sir John should spending his time tackling the really big issues of food safety such as BSE.

Mr Tyler said the remarks had dented Sir Johns credibility at a time when UK farmers were anxious to fill the trade gap for organic produce.

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