Bogus police officer targets farmers for money

Farmers have been targeted by a fraudster claiming to be a police officer from Nottinghamshire Constabulary.

Farmers in the Nottinghamshire area reported taking telephone calls from the bogus officer who asked for donations for a local community scheme.

The scam came to light when farmers discussed the issue during a meeting held by the East Midlands regional NFU.

Arable grower John Miller who farms near Newark was among seven others at the meeting who had been targeted.

“The caller claimed to be community support officer Tom Paxton from Newark police station,” said Mr Miller.

“He said he was calling about a scheme to help stop youths vandalising farms and wanted credit card donations,” he added.  But Mr Miller refused to pass on any details.

“I quickly spotted the caller was not genuine. He was hesitant and didn’t come across as having any confidence in what he was saying.”

A police spokesman said any representative from the Nottinghamshire force would always state their full name, job role and give their contact details.

“The representative should also give the person they are calling the option to call them back through the main police switchboard to authenticate their call,” the spokesman said.

If you are unable to authenticate the call you are advised not give out any personal details, bank details or funds. Anyone who thinks they have been targeted or conned should report it online or via telephone on 0300 123 2040. 

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