Cheshire farmers warned to be vigilant over GPS thefts

Farmers in Cheshire are being urged to ramp up security after a number of farms were targeted by GPS thieves.

Three men have been arrested in four days in connection with the theft of GPS kit from tractors in the county.

In the early hours of Monday (14 February), two men were charged and remanded in custody for targeting Cheshire farms.

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Cheshire Police rural crime team (RCT) said the men were stopped in a stolen van on Saturday night (12 February).

Officers found a GPS unit and other stolen items inside the vehicle taken from farms in the county.

A police spokesman described the arrests as “a bit of a rollercoaster”, saying: “We can’t thank our colleagues enough as we all work hard to enhance rural policing.

“The RCT sprung into action, with team members changing their day off to pop in and support those of the team already working.

“The commitment the team has to our rural and farming communities is fantastic.”

Suffolk arrest

Cheshire Police said a third man has been arrested and charged with a number of thefts, and criminal damage. He has been remanded in custody to appear in court.

The man was arrested in Suffolk following an exchange of information between police in Cheshire and their colleagues in the Eastern county.

Despite the arrests, police said they were not “resting on their laurels” and they have urged all farmers to stay vigilant.

For example, a farm was targeted in the Clotton area of Cheshire overnight Friday (11 February).

“Sadly, this shows there is more than one group out stealing these items, so everyone must remain vigilant,” said a force spokesman.

Cheshire Police warned that GPS thefts were still happening right across the country and officers supported by the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Police Service (NaVCIS) were “doing all they can to target those involved”.

‘Report suspicious activity’

PC Sarah Marson, from Cheshire RCT, asked farmers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity on farms.

She added: “Think about security, make it as difficult as you can by layering your security, which not only prevents items being taken but assists in them being seen.

“Please report suspicious activity via our online form, 101, or speak to your local PSCO at their surgeries if you have any concerns. If it’s a crime happening there and then, call 999.”

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