Criminal gang steals eight tractors worth £500,000

Thieves have stolen eight nearly new New Holland tractors worth almost £500,000 during a raid in Oxfordshire.

Police said the tractors were stolen during the night of 20-21 May from a farm machinery dealership at Cassington, near Witney.

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All were New Holland T 7.210 machines valued at £60,000 each, said detective constable Chris Piggott, of the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Police Service.

DC Piggott said it was likely a gang of criminals had carried out the theft, and the machines may be parked up somewhere awaiting transportation out of the country.

Borders alerted

Police forces and ports outside the Thames Valley area had been alerted, he said.

The machines were all on 19-reg plates and might be transported on low loaders, said DC Piggott.

People might not realise they are stolen because they are all relatively new.

Alternatively, the machines might be transported on curtain-sided trailers or in refrigerated trucks because they are too large for containers.

Anyone with any information should call 101 immediately, said DC Piggott.

“Get in touch if you see any tractors that look like they are missing a number plate – or if you see any tractors that are sitting somewhere where they look out of place.”

Police have released the following details for seven of the tractors. Details of the eighth tractor are awaiting confirmation.

Registration Vin number Datatag number
AD19 OBE HACT7210TKE106179 24AW8S
AD19 OBF HACT7210AKE106224 27AW8H
AE19 EJZ HACT7210VKE106223 34AW8S
AE19 EJO HACT7210CKE106083  37AW60
AE19 EJV HACT7210TKE106084 40AW8S
AE19 EJL HACT7210JKE106008 34AW60

HX19 BVL  HACT7210VKE101281 44AU6Z
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