Farm Security: Tractor trackers

Looking for a tracker for your tractor? Check out Farmers Weeky’s list of trackers aimed at agricultural use.

Enigma Skyline
01702 507 229 br>Thatcham approved
Enigma’s tracker system (which adds fleet and driver monitoring functions to the usual vehicle security and also alerts a 24 hour monitoring bureau as well as sending the owner a text) costs £399 plus £174/yr for the monitoring facility.

0800 037 1157 or 0845 456 2667
Thatcham approved

0845 245 5717 or 0845 330 5717 Thatcham approved

08444 150150
Thatcham approved

Other trackers not on the Thatcham-approved list but aimed at agricultural users

08456 039 368

Road Angel
01327 855 586

Best known for its speed-trap detectors, Road Angel has recently diversified into the tracker market. Its high-spec unit uses GPS and cell ID triangulation. It also offers a retrieval service. Cost is £300, it’s self-fit and data charges cost £7.99/month.

Transport Support
01204 368 111

Transport Support hails from the quarry and haulage industries but is moving into agriculture. Its unit taps into electrical circuits. It uses a keyfob system but replacements cost just £10. Unit cost is expected to be £150 fitted.

01638 508 838

Has had a big push into agriculture. Cost is from £262 + £15/month for data costs.

08702 418 754

Tag guard
023 9259 8218

Pear Track

Trailer Vision
07810 352 540

0161 368 0388

Mobile World Tracking Systems
08000 515 254

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