Farming sons found guilty of drugs crimes

Two brothers have been jailed after £39,000 worth of drugs was found at their father’s pig farm.

Leicester Crown Court heard how William Orton (27) and his brother, George (23) used a shed at their father’s Freeway Farm, Mountsorrel , Leicestershire, to store and prepare a variety of drugs.

 Police seized a stash of ecstacy tablets, cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis during a raid, and also found a heat-sealing packaging machine and a press for making tablets.

They were described as ‘foot soldiers’ who were used by others more seriously involved.

The offences took place between July 2005 and April last year, the court was told, with their father John Orton knowing nothing about his sons’ illegal activities.

Tragically John Orton died suddenly a few months after the police raid.

Kathryn Mansfield, defending William Orton, said their father had been devastated.

William was jailed for five years, and his brother for three years. Both admitted conspiracy to supply Class A, B and C drugs.

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