Gate block lets tractors in but keeps fly-tippers out

A Northumberland farmer has designed a 1t concrete gate block that allows farm machinery easy access into fields but acts as a barricade for fly-tipping lorries, pickups and caravans.

John Goodfellow was sick of field trespassing by hare coursers, so developed his 4m-wide Poacher Block with cleverly positioned protrusions that can be straddled by sprayers and tractors of over 120hp.

Handily, ATVs/farm buggies can sneak through the end sections too, but safe passage is not possible for pickups and other 4x4s.

The perk is that it can be left in position from drilling through to harvest and saves having to reposition old trailers, tree trunks or rusty power-harrows in the gateway once mid-season fieldwork is complete.

It also saves time wasted opening and closing gates, particularly when entrances are positioned close to busy roads.

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Blocks can be lifted with a telehandler or dragged by the towing eye at either end, and its width should be enough to protect a gateway of between 3.6m and 6m wide.

Asking price is £250/block, or five for £1,000.

Mr Goodfellow is also designing a gate system for livestock farmers, which uses the same Poacher Block base but incorporates concrete gate posts at either end.