Motocross bikers severely damage farmer’s field

Motocross bikers have caused damage worth thousands of pounds to a field in Hertfordshire.

The land at Warren Farm in Maple Cross, between junction 16 and 17 of the M25, has been damaged by “anti-social bikers” on several occasions over the past fortnight.

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PC Christian Gottman, from the Rickmansworth Safer Neighbourhood Team, said the damage had severely affected the farmer’s livelihood and urged anyone who sees bikers riding across private farmland to contact police on 101. 

He also advised noting down descriptions of riders, including the colour of their helmets and their registration numbers.

Hertfordshire residents and motocross fans have responded to the news on social media by suggesting that providing motocross tracks in the area might provide a long-term solution to the problem.

They have blamed the council for failing to cater for local people and said money should be spent on adding more amenities and activities, particularly for young people.

One man even advised the farmer to turn his damaged field into a permanent track, charging a fee to use, and renting it out to motocross clubs.

Police warning

Police have warned anyone caught riding illegally across private farmland will be dealt with robustly.

Brian Finnerty, the NFU’s East Anglia communications adviser, said: “This is wanton criminal damage to a farmer’s crops and we welcome this warning from Herts police. We would urge anyone with information to come forward so that those responsible can be identified.”

Under the Police Reform Act, officers have the power to seize, and potentially crush, bikes. Riders can also be reported for traffic offences.

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