Stolen MF 390 tractor

The theft took place at Tower Farm, East Markham, Newark, Notts.

The tractor was parked with a trailer attached and fully locked partly under the lean to.

This was obviously seen from the main road 200 yards away. The thieves dropped the trailer off onto a block and drove off.

The front tyre on the drivers left hand side was partly flat. The tractor was in excellent condition and is very unusual as it has such low hours.

The vehicle‘s reg no is K780 PVL.

We still have the keys in the farm office so obviously who ever took the tractor had access to a set of keys.

The tractor was purchased new by us from Peacock & Binnington of Corringham, Gainsborough, Lincs.

We are offering a £1000 cash reward for information leading to the recovery of this tractor, intact.

Anyone who can offer information should contact David Cobb or Alan Telfer and confirm the chassis number with them and they will receive the reward.

The tel number to ring is 01777 860170 or 01777 860660 or fax 01777 707600 your name will not be disclosed. The cash is waiting.

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