Crofters will have their say

26 September 2001

Crofters ‘will have their say’

MEMBERS of the Scottish Crofters Union (SCU) have voted in favour of moving towards a foundation structure.

Donnie Maclennan, president of the SCU, is encouraged with the size of the vote.

“The overwhelming 96% in favour of change gives us the strong mandate we need to take the crofters movement forward to this next phase.

“Crofting has a critical role to play in sustaining and developing our more rural communities, and in maintaining the areas valued landscapes and biodiversity.

“I have every confidence that we will be able to create a Crofting Foundation that will engage the SCUs current membership [and] encourage others to join us as members or sponsors.”

Mr Maclennan added that this would: “ensure crofting is able to play a fuller role in the future of the rural Highlands and Islands.”

The SCU Council will meet in early October to agree on a date to transfer over to the new structure.

The Foundation is planning a conference to formally launch the new organisation, expected in early spring.

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