Curry calls for unity in face of competition

By FWi staff

THE British livestock industry is going to face strong competition in an increasingly aggressive market place.

Hence it is vital to be united as an industry when facing the challenges of the global market.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Federation of Fresh Meat Wholesalers, Don Curry, chairman of the Meat and Livestock Commission, stressed that a strong a united Livestock Commission was needed now more than ever before to meet the challenges of the future.

“Contrary to what people think, devolution for Scotland and Wales should strengthen the need for a strong and united organisation to represent Britain and the different parts of it on the world stage,” he told the conference in Egham, Surrey.

Any attempt to fragment the organisation would only help to weaken the industry as a whole in terms of its bargaining powers in a more competitive global market, he added.

Mr Curry said that countries such as China could be seen as a major growth area. Russia and the Middle East would continue to be major importers of meat but the US would also be an aggressive exporter of beef and pork.

“It is vital we not only maintain out standards but also improve our competitiveness and use our strengths to differentiate our products,” said Mr Curry.

“If this industry is to achieve that then it is essential we have a strong organisation to represent it – the MLC,” he added.

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