Cut imports – produce it yourself

7 February 1997

Cut imports – produce it yourself

LIVESTOCK and arable farmers should aim to grow more protein for inclusion in cattle rations.

So urges Luppo Deepenbroek, nutritionist for Mole Valley Farmers. "We should try to grow more protein – why are we exporting cereals and having to import protein? Growing protein in the UK would also mean we could guarantee traceability." According to Mr Deepenbroek, beans can be included at up to 15%. "Beans are an excellent source of protein. But like rapeseed, beans have an anti-nutritive factor, so higher rates of inclusion are not advised." &#42

How do beans compare with other proteins?



Protein (%)21-2319-20364620-223618-203333

Digestibility (%)90709398957580-85

Starch (%)30-3515-435-404-104

Energy (ME)1312.515.51313.51212.51313

Source: Mole Valley Farmers

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