Cut-price diesel warning

10 August 2001

Cut-price diesel warning

DIESEL may not be cheap, but buying cut price fuel on the black market could prove even more expensive.

According to the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) there are people trying to sell "cheap" fuel to forecourts, transport firms and other users. And, it is claimed these people are using the FPS logo.

Said to be particularly rife in the north west, tanker loads of derv at as low as 58p/litre are being offered.

Anyone offered such cheap derv should not be tempted, warns the FPS. These products, it says, are frequently adulterated with kerosene, lubricant or acid residue, the latter the result of taking red dye out of rebated diesel.

The FPS believe much of this black market fuel is being sourced from Ireland where the proceeds are used to further political aims. &#42

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