Dairy farmers march in Carlisle

1 March 2000

Dairy farmers march in Carlisle

DAIRY farmers will highlight the plight of their industry and appeal for public support by marching through Carlisle on Wednesday (01 March).

Farmers complain they have seen farmgate prices for milk tumble by 25% in the past three years, but the price of a daily pinta remains constant.

They want to press home to consumers that they receive only a tiny proportion of the overall cost of a bottle of milk, and encourage them to buy more UK dairy products.

As well as the march there will be a tour of the north east and a roadshow, as part of a National Farmers Union Fair Share of the Bottlecampaign.

Stopping off at centres including Swindon and Cardiff, the roadshow will end with an event in central London on 15 March.

NFU deputy president Tim Bennett said: “British farmers are the cream of the crop, yet they receive the lowest price for their milk in Europe.

“This campaign aims to hit home to shoppers the plight that dairy farmers are in and use consumer power to keep the industry alive, by urging people to buy British dairy products.”

Mr Bennett called for the government to offer short-term aid and said it was vital farmers received a fair share of the supply chain price.

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