Dairy farming is a good option in NZ

11 August 2000

Dairy farming is a good option in NZ

IN response to survival tatics (New Zealand), maybe you should look
at dairy farming elsewhere in New Zealand. It seems to be booming again with large
conversions in the south Island and also in the central north Island.

There is a area east of Taupo that, in the last 6 years, has gone from no dairy farms to 6 dairy farms. Between them they milk 7000 to 8000

If things are so bad how are these conversions possible. It is also a
real employees market at the moment salaries have never been so high. This
has come about by years of poor treatment of staff in the past by

It has created a real shortage of staff big time.

As a manager Im
laughing I have so many options I can name my price.

Dairy farming in New Zealand is
a good investment.

Jim Nicholas, Taupo, New Zealand

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