Dairy men tipped to back generic milk ads

25 November 1998

Dairy men tipped to back generic milk ads

By Vicky Houchin

DAIRY farmers are expected to give the go-ahead tomorrow (Thursday) for a multi-million pound campaign to boost milk sales.

A source close to the NFU said dairy producers would vote yes to the proposed generic milk advertising campaign, which could cost £10 million a year.

The NFU forecast earlier this year the advertising campaign would increase annual raw milk sales by as much as 135 million litres (240 million pints).

It claimed that milk prices would be boosted by 0.24ppl in the process, giving farmers £4.76 for every £1 spent on advertising. A farmer donating £200 each year to the campaign would receive roughly £1000 in increased milk sales.

The vote – which is due back from the NFU county and regional committees tomorrow – will then have to be taken to MAFF. The law will have to be changed by Parliament to allow money to be spent on advertising.

A spokesman from the NFU said that the launch of the campaign was still a while off.

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