dates set for biosecurity roadshows

DEFRA HAS stepped up its campaign to promote better biosecurity practice in livestock markets with a series of roadshows across the country throughout April, May and June.

The campaign, launched in February by junior DEFRA minister Ben Bradshaw, aims to remind farmers, livestock dealers, hauliers and the public about the role of biosecurity in preventing endemic problems such as Salmonella and E Coli, as well as major disease outbreaks.

Posters and leaflets promoting the message “Don”t spread disease – biosecurity protects your business” have been sent to all livestock markets in England. The campaign has received support from local authorities, the Livestock Auctioneers Association and the NFU, among others. Market users are reminded not to bring any clothing or vehicles contaminated with animal muck into marts, and to ensure all vehicles are disinfected on leaving.

 LAA secretary Chris Dodds acknowledged that many farmers would feel biosecurity reminders were unnecessary, but added: “It”s better that we”re constructive and engage with DEFRA over this, so everyone knows where responsibility lies.” To find out if DEFRA advisers will be visiting your local market, visit

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