Dead sheep prompt farmers Ferry statement

23 September 1998

‘Dead sheep’ prompt farmers Ferry statement

By FWi staff

FARMERS FERRY bosses have restated their pledge not to do business
with cowboy livestock transporters after animal rights campaigners claimed to have found dead UK sheep in

Investigators from four European animal welfare groups claim to have video evidence of sheep
being transported in illegal conditions from the Italian port of Bari to Athens. One of the investigators said
she could see the corpses of two dead sheep.

The incident prompted a complaint to European farm
commissioner Franz Fischler from the UK-based welfare group Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

“We dont know if the law was obeyed from Britain to Bari, but in many cases we fear that it is not,” said
Peter Stevenson, CIWF political and legal director.

Farmers Ferry bosses said they had turned back at
least one livestock lorry since the ferry came into operation last month.

“Anyone caught breaking the
law will not be allowed on the ferry,” said Farmers Ferry secretary David Owen. “What is the purpose of
delivering deadstock when youre dealing in livestock?”.

The Farmers Union of Wales said it seemed
there was a dirty tricks campaign aimed at the Farmers Ferry project.

“It appears that there are
people determined to sink the venture through unsubstantiated rumour and vicious gossip,” said Bob Parry,
FUW president.

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