Debut for a host of new herbicides

19 November 1999

Debut for a host of new herbicides

NEW herbicides aplenty were profiled at this weeks inter-national British Crop Protection Conference in Brighton.

Improved control from lower doses with negligible environ- mental impact was a key theme at the conference. Some of the latest herbicide discoveries are profiled below:

lBlackgrass, brome grasses, loose silky bent and couch can all be controlled post-emergence by Bayers new cereal herbicide BAY MKH 6561. No herbicide resistance problems have been encountered. Systemic action hits couch rhizomes as well as in-crop growth.

lIodosulfuron combined with crop safener mefenpyr-diethyl has shown good control of broad-leaved and grass weeds, including wild oat, meadow grass and loose silky bent, in European trials when used between the three-leaf stage and beginning of stem elongation, says developer AgrEvo. Rapid soil degradation means no carryover or water residue risks.

lFlucarbazone-sodium offers novel wild oat control for wheat growers during the one to six leaf growth stages. Tests in North America show good control of increasingly common herbicide resistant wild oats, significantly outperforming imazamethabenz (Dagger), says Bayer.

lTepraloxydim from BASF, coded BAS 620 H, offers broad spectrum post-emergence grass weed control in broadleaf crops. An adjuvant built-in mix is under development for use in rape, beet, potatoes and pulse crops. Good control of meadowgrass, couch and cereal volunteers, even in dry conditions, is claimed.

lBeflubutamid coded UBH-820 by Japanese developer Ube Industries, looks promising as a partner for isoproturn, enhancing control of broad-leaved weeds. Combined with 500g/ha of ipu in coded mix ASU 95510H the product gave effective control of most broad-leaved weed species up to the 2-4 leaf stage in European trials conducted by Stahler Agrochemie. &#42

lNext week: More details of herbicides nearer market release, PLUS all the latest tips on making more of existing herbicide products.

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