Decouple CAP in one step, says SNFU

17 April 1998

Decouple CAP in one step, says SNFU

THE Scottish NFU believes that CAP reform should move in a single step to decouple all farm support from production.

“The Agenda 2000 proposals send out all the wrong signals to our industry. They allow the EU to meet the conditions of the last world trade agreement but do very little to prepare us for the next WTO talks which begin next year,” said union president George Lyon.

“It might be far better to move in one stage to the American freedom-to-farm idea, where farmers receive an envelope of support to maintain rural jobs and infrastructure and are then left to produce whatever they please for the world market,” he said after the unions general purposes committee had been briefed on the effects for Scotland of the current Agenda 2000 proposals.

“The English NFU has been advocating this line for some time and we tend to share that thinking,” said Mr Lyon.

“We are in danger of being driven down one route by Agenda 2000 only to face a complete U-turn after the next World Trade Organisation round. Only the cereal proposals, where aid is not crop specific, point the real way forward,” he added.

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