Deep-bed formers

21 March 1997

Deep-bed formers

HOWARDS new Rotary Bedformer, available from Lemken Tri-ag, has been designed to produce deep, ridged beds before clod separation and planting.

Based, as one would expect, on the Howard Rotavator – but using a different type of tine – there are two models.

The HR40/180 has a working width of 1.8m (6ft) and produces a single bed, while the HR50/350, 3.5m (11ft 6in) model manages a single plus two half beds.

Maximum working depth is put at 36cm (14in). The Rotavator is equipped with straight steel blades having a twist along their shanks to angle the point of entry and reduce power requirements.

Rear ridger bodies are mounted on a sub-frame and protected by either shearbolt or auto-reset systems. &#42

Howards new HR40/180 bed former goes through its paces. Maximum working depth is 36cm (14in). A larger model, the HR50/350, is available.

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