Deer hunting ban could mean extinction

19 August 1997

Deer hunting ban "could mean extinction"

THE High Court heard how the National Trusts ban on deer hunting could lead to the extinction of the last herds of wild red deer south of the Scottish border, in an action brought by the hunts and tenant farmers.

Charles Aldous QC, representing hunters and tenants, said the ban had caused anger in the West Country among landowners and farmers on Trust land, and fear among scientists and animal conservationists. He said herds had been specially nurtured for the sport and feared a ban would lead to the extinction of herds in Devon and Somerset.

Hunts and Trust tenants are seeking a ruling that the ban is unlawful. It was imposed on April 10. They want it lifted until the Trusts ruling council reconsiders its decision. The hearing continues.

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  • The Times 19/08/97 page 8

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