Demand sends tenancy rents up

16 April 1999

Demand sends tenancy rents up

THE trend in Scottish farm rents is still up, according to Ewan Berkeley of FPDSavills, speaking at a seminar in Edinburgh.

He said there was not much of a “feelgood” factor when he talked to tenants.

But this was at odds with rents being paid for land to grow potatoes and for summer grazing.

Mr Berkeley said no new tenancies had been contracted in 1998 as landlords waited to see what would happen with the Scottish parliament and land reform.

There had also been no arbitrations and only two farmers had served notice for reductions.

Rents which were agreed in 1997-1998 showed increases of 5% to 15% for class 2 arable, about 5% more for class 3 arable with no change for other categories.

Mr Berkeley confirmed there was still intense competition for land.

Rent levels for class 2 arable came in at between £65 and £75 per acre, class 3 arable between £50 and £65, class 3 arable/stock at about £50, and class 4 stock between £20 to £40.

  • The Scotsman 16/04/99 page 34

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