DEUTZ makes improvements to its 5690HTS model for UK audience

Deutz, keen to claw back lost ground in the UK harvester market, has made improvements to its 5690HTS model destined for UK shores.

Fabricated in Germany but built in the company’s Croatian plant the range has seen some ergonomically changes, a more streamlined design for the body and cab with projector-style front and rear lighting standing out.

Most of the immediate changes are up front with a deeper front elevator allowing contractors looking to tackle combinable maize – a possible replacement on some farms in the West Midlands and Yorkshire following the closure plans for two smaller sugar beet processing plants.

Deutz header 200

Engine output across the Deutz combine range varies from 185-320hp but its expected only the latter power unit will feature in UK models.

Header widths vary from 6.3 – 7.2m. Other improvements include up-rated electronic controls. Prices for the 5690HTS is £126,000 dependant upon spec.

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