Device combats drought

28 March 1997

Device combats drought

RAISING the water level in ditches and streams could help growers combat drought problems.

Now a simple water control unit (pictured) is on offer from BCM Contracts of Whitchurch, Shropshire, to do just that.

It controls the water level in streams and ditches by restricting flow. That can raise the water table in adjacent fields and conserve water for irrigation use.

Units are already being used by farmers and landowners and it has been endorsed by the drainage authorities, says BCM. Indeed, it is one of the ideas on show at the ADA demonstration site near Skegness on Jun 25-26.

Liaising with neighbours, the EA and drainage boards is prudent before installation, BCM advises.

The unit is manufactured from strong, lightweight glass reinforced cement, making for easy installation. Suitable for small streams or ditches, the BCM control unit is available in 1, 1.5 or 2m sizes, priced £250, £260 and 299 respectively, ex-VAT.n

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