13 August 1999


THE stark reality of poor milk prices is starting to bite as this years accounts begin to reveal the expected trend of lower margins.

Facing up to these will be anything but easy. But one consultant in this Update who has already worked out provisional results for last season says there is potential to lift profit.

That message was also clear to visitors at the first Milk Development Council focus centre meeting, aptly named Facing the challenge of lower milk prices.

Producers at the event took home a list of key points emerging from research at the event host site, ADAS Bridgets, Hants. The list, which is published in this Update, could provide food for thought for producers seeking ways to boost profitability.

But despite the MDCs recent efforts to improve its communication with producers, it is still under fire from producers. Often, the problem is that those who are most disgruntled dont discuss their concerns or attend meetings to make their views heard.

The focus centre initiative is an easy way to find out what research is going, and to get your opinions heard. Its also an opportunity to think about – and discuss with experts – how research could be applied on your farm. Taking new research onto farm could be a key way to bolster profits for a successful future.

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