Direct seed sales off to flying start

5 July 2001

Direct seed sales off to flying start


SEED sales direct to farm, bypassing merchant middle-men and their margins, are off to a flying start, claims breeder CPB Twyford.

About 3000ha (7400 acres) of hybrid oilseed rape Disco has already been ordered, mostly on credit or credit card terms.

“It is going very well. Disco is 50% committed and we are selling a lot of Tradition,” said sales manager Nick Hartwell.

By going direct, the company can be more competitive, Mr Hartwell maintains. Royalty and CPBs expenses are all that are added to the basic production cost.

“We have some costs but they are not as high as the merchants margin. We are not looking to price alongside competitors varieties, said Mr Hartwell.

Semi-dwarf variety Lutin has been added to the scheme.

Credit arrangements from a leading bank offer growers deferred payment into next year. Credit card sales are billed on despatch, but include 10% free.

CPB is also opening accounts with growers, subject to the usual approvals, with payment due 28 days from delivery.

Provisional orders can be placed on the website but producers have to ring CPB to get a price.

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