Disbelief as blood leaked from case

8 March 2002

Disbelief as blood leaked from case

ANGRY passengers Rachel and Alan Li watched in disbelief at Heathrow Airport last month as blood seeped from a travellers suitcase.

"We were standing at a baggage carousel after our flight from Ethiopia when we noticed blood oozing out of a mans suitcase," said district nurse Mrs Li from Inverness.

When challenged the passenger, on the Ethiopian Airlines flight, which arrived at 9pm on Feb 10, said the suitcase contained meat and then pretended not to understand further questions. As he mopped the blood up, the incident was reported to a woman at Customs who promised to refer the matter to someone who would deal with it, said Mrs Li.

Ten minutes later, after more complaints from passengers and before customs officers had taken any action, the man walked past two customs officials in the Nothing to Declare section leaving a woman waiting to collect more bags.

"I was angry that nothing was done to stop him leaving. After foot-and-mouth and BSE, I was angry at peoples ignorance," said Mrs Li. &#42

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