Discs beat drums on cutter bar for Westmacs Fieldfarer

3 March 2000

Discs beat drums on cutter bar for Westmacs Fieldfarer

RELIABLITY and efficiency are among the attributes claimed for Westmacs latest JF Fieldfarer mower conditioner. Based on the JF GMS2800 model, the trailed Fieldfarer now features a 2.8m seven-disc cutter bar rather than the original belt driven drum version.

Key advantages over the drum cutter bar model, says Westmac, are improved ground contour following capabilities and better quality of cut finish.

The mower is also equipped with JFs Top Dry grass conditioning unit.

Comprising a rear hood with adjustable deflectors to control swath width, the unit is designed to allow conditioned grass to be spread evenly across the full mower width to encourage rapid drying. The conditioner employs a series of semi rigid polyethylene Y tines.

Other features include a suspended portal frame, designed to allow the mower to float over ground contours and reduce the incidence of scalping. Requiring a minimum of 68hp to operate, the JF Fieldfarer 2.8m mower conditioner is priced at £9995. &#42

A seven-disc cutter bar is now available for Westmacs JF Fieldfarer 2.8m mower conditioner.The cutter bar replaces the units belt-driven drum system.

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