Almost 40 sheep killed in single dog attack

Dogs are being blamed for killing almost 40 sheep on the Dingle Peninsula close to the village of Annascaul in Ireland.

The attack happened sometime before last Friday morning (5 August), when the sheep farmer discovered his sheep in a corner of a different field he had put them in.

In total, 36 Texel sheep were killed including 10 ewes and 26 lambs.

(Warning: the photo below shows the sheep left dead following the dog attack)

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The farmer went to check the sheep on Friday morning but found the fence lying broken and his sheep in another field.

Sheep lying dead next to a gate

The dead sheep were worth about £2,560

It appears the animals had been chased into the corner of the different field and were discovered lying beside the field gate, crushed to death.

According to reports, three other neighbours in the area also had four sheep killed on the same night.

Bite marks on the bodies of the sheep were found by a local vet confirming an attack by a dog or dogs.

Some of the animals were confirmed as dying due to being suffocated in the small area close to the gate.

The owner of the sheep has said the loss amounts to about €3,000 (£2,560).

The farmer did not want to talk about the issue but his neighbour Pat Rowan urged all dog owners to ensure their animals were tied up at night.

The Irish Farmers’ Association national sheep chairman John Lynskey said: “There are far too many dog owners not taking the responsibility that goes with owning a pet.

“Dog owners have an obligation to have their dog under control at all times.”

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