Dolly company in GM clone cow deal

15 December 2000

Dolly company in GM clone cow deal

By FWi staff

THE company which produced Dolly the sheep is linking up with a New Zealand research institute to clone genetically modified cattle.

PPL Therapeutics has formed a joint venture with New Zealand government backed company Celentis to produce milk to fight diseases.

The company first hit the headlines with its involvement with Dolly, the worlds first cloned sheep.

Ron James PPL managing director said the deal was important as it brought together cloning and GM technology, reports the Financial Times.

Its first target is to produce cow with milk containing protein to treat multiple sclerosis.

Other aims include developing cattle that produce the human serum albumin, used to treat burns and injuries, and producing more digestible baby food.

Edinburgh-based PPL is one of the world leaders in cloning, with exclusive rights to genetics technology developed by the Roslin Institute.

PPL shares closed up 2p at 207.5p.

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