Double your money: Genus

4 July 1997

Double your money: Genus

GENUS has pledged to raise dairy farming incomes by 10%, with the launch of a new consultancy package – the Profit Growth Partnership.

For an average cost of £1600 a year, farmers can secure the input of a senior consultant, as well as their regular local man, to analyse their accounts and help devise a strategy for improved profit.

The package includes a full analysis of the farm business, based on the last three years accounts. From this, the monetary value of a 10% improvement in profit is determined and three key parameters set to achieve it.

For example, the targets may be to increase yield from forage by 300 litres, reduce power and machinery charges by £1800 and to restructure borrowing.

Further visits will lead to a plan for achieving these targets, and management accounts will be used to monitor progress. At the end of the year the senior and local consultant will review the business and draw up a new plan for another 10% profit rise.

&#8226 Genus is to branch into arable consultancy later this month.

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