Drawn dogs & shooting

27 July 2001

Drawn dogs & shooting

THIS is a book*, according to the author, about men and dogs and shooting.

It is mainly a book of cartoons – lovely, hilarious cartoons capturing the peculiarities of those involved in shooting. Whether it is their facial expressions, their dress sense or the sometimes prickly relationship between guns, guns and beaters or guns and dogs, Bryn Parry distills it here to devastating effect.

But his particular talent is for drawing dogs. So, look out for the "Superior Setter", the "Perplexed Pointer" and the "Tethered Terrier" – look out and be prepared to howl with laughter.

As Bryn says of shooting in his introduction: "I love seeing the characters as they arrive in their cars and clobber, the mad dogs, wild children and worried organisers. I love the joshing between guns as yet another bird flies down the line flicking into a victory roll and the smug faces of the beaters who know they would have done better. I love the way we are all levelled by the mud and the mire; the captain of industry no better than the bedraggled spaniel and the Keeper more important than a King." TR

*Mad Dogs and Englishmen, by Bryn Parry, published by Swan Hill, £14.99.

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