Drift control nozzle at high pressures

20 March 1998

Drift control nozzle at high pressures

REDUCED drift at high spraying pressures is claimed by Spraying Systems for its latest drift control nozzle, the AI TeeJet.

The firm reckons to have countered the pressure/drift relationship using a combination of a pre-orifice at the entrance to the nozzle and two suction holes in the barrel to mix air with the spray liquid.

"This added air assists in creating larger droplets which are less prone to drift – even at spraying pressures of 3-5 bar (42-70psi)," explains Spraying Systems technical director Dr Bernd Gobel.

As spray liquid moves through the nozzles barrel passing two small openings, it creates a venturi effect to draw air into the nozzle.

"Higher spraying pressures can help improve crop coverage and increase penetration into dense crop canopies, but unless droplet size is kept large, drift becomes the first stumbling block."

AI TeeJet nozzles are priced from £5.86.

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