Dual-stage charge air-cooler

The dual-stage charge-air cooler forms part of the dual temperature cooling system (see diagram). This is designed meet tough Tier III emission regulations as well as operators’ demands for fuel efficiency.

This stage-to-stage cooling technique achieves a 52°C inlet temperature getting by with compact heat exchanger size and lower power requirements from the fan.

How it works:

By cooling the intake air, it becomes more dense and therefore the amount of oxygen per cu cm increases. The amount of avaiable oxygen is a key factor in the efficeincy of diesel combustion and the amount of power generated.

Cooling the air after it has passed through the hot turbo means that it is at its densest when it enters the intake mainfold.

dual 300.

The dual-temperature cooling system has two circuits. There is a high temperature circuit to cool the engine block. There is a second circuit that is cooled in a separate radiator to a lower temp. This passes first to the second stage of the charge-air cooler, then goes on to cool the transmission/hydraulic oil and returns via the first stage of the charge-air cooler.


  • Reduces the number of radiators and therefore reduces fan power requirement, which saves fuel.
  • No maintenance required

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