Dusty fans are less efficient

4 July 1997

Dusty fans are less efficient

POULTRY producers should ensure fans and air ducts are clean and that housing lighting is checked to maintain energy efficiency.

Tim Pratt, project engineer at the Farm Energy Centre warns that dust build-up on fans could increase running costs.

"Although producers clean houses thoroughly between batches, fans – because they are electric – are often not washed or cleaned. Besides reducing efficiency, the dust could harbour disease."

Dusting fans with a high pressure air line is one option, but care has to be taken not to damage the fans, he says. "It is also possible to brush them down, but that can be tricky where dust has accumu-lated."

Poultry house lighting could also be made more efficient, says Mr Pratt. "It is surprising how lighting costs add up. Tungsten bulbs are still widely used but fluorescent bulbs are four times more efficient, and are available in sealed units, reducing dust ingress and ammonia damage.

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