Easier to grab data

12 March 1999

Easier to grab data

COLLECTING GPS-tagged data from the field will be easier and more reliable with the newly introduced MOBI 2000, claims SOYL.

"A choice of four differential systems will allow a pre-sale survey to establish the best for each farm," says general manager Simon Parrington. Accuracy and signal reception is uprated.

The unit can be used on an ATV for early mapping, removed and used as a back pack in the growing crop and fitted under the tractor seat to interface with a wide range of fertiliser spreader controllers. For spray applications it works with LH Agro and RDS units and at harvest can be moved to the combine to work with yield monitors.

Complementing the Opti is SmartYields, a new computer based yield data interpretation and management tool. It ensures the GPS system and mapping are well set up, reviews data to identify zones that need close management and evaluates possible action plans.

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