East Anglian pig prices below the average

By Peter Crichton

MARKET prices have already been affected by the CSF outbreak. Demand in live auctions has picked up by 10p/kg as abattoirs normally supplied from East Anglia look for alternative supplies. Although the GB Eurospec price remains hardly unchanged at 102.13, spot quotes in the week ahead are expected to move up further.

Weaner prices in East Anglia remain 2-3 a head below the rest of the country with the Farmers Weekly average quoted at 34.34 per head and 7kg pigs traded in the 21.75 – 23.50 range.

Cull sows may come under pressure if EU countries start to resist taking sow meat from the UK. The relative strength of the Pound will also keep the lid on cull sow prices for the time being.

With slaughter numbers continuing to dwindle and weekly kills in the 220,000 – 240,000 range, pig meat imports are rising. Almost 2700t were imported from Holland last week alone, equivalent to about 33,000 live pigs.

EU pig meat prices remain relatively firm with the AEX pig futures market still operating within a fairly narrow 78-84p/kg range through to December.

Until the effects of the first CSF outbreak in the UK for 15 years have been fully analysed, it will be difficult to forecast UK price trends for the remainder of this year, other than to say that supplies will continue to decline.

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