East Anglian recovery boosted by Lincs acres

10 August 2001

East Anglian recovery boosted by Lincs acres

ACCORDING to recent figures, the East Anglian land market has almost recovered to pre-foot-and-mouth levels. Brown & Co has further boosted supply with the release of 140 acres of Lincs arable land.

In the south of the county, a 44-acre block of grade 1 silt at Swanpen Farm, Delgate Bank, is available for £145,000 (£3536/acre). Agent Hugh Baker says demand for land that can support non-CAP crops is still high.

"Most recent sales of this type of soil have been due to family agreements coming to an end and are not in response to a downturn in incomes. There is still a lot of tax-driven investment interest.

"Cereals are considered a break crop on land of this quality," he adds, noting that Majors Farm, featuring 560 acres of silt near Spalding, has already been sold for in excess of the £2.9m guide. The property was launched barely a month ago.

Further north, Ken Pritchard is selling 96 acres of grade 3 land near Brigg. Available in three lots, prices range from £2200-2600/acre depending on the quality. "I reckon the best could almost be as good as grade 2," he says. &#42

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