Eggs are good for you, says study

6 July 2000

Eggs are good for you, says study

CONTRARY to popular belief, an American study has found no link between eating high-cholesterol food and suffering a heart attack, an egg expert has revealed.

Japan consumes a lot of eggs, but has one of the lowest incidents of heart disease, Dr Donald McNamara told a meeting of the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

The Daily Mail devotes a whole page to a feature by Fay Weldon on the subject, who claims that eggs have been given a clean bill of health.

“Eggs are restored to grace,” she writes. “Eggs are, yes, actually good for you. Pardoned. Eat one a day if you want to.”

Ms Weldon once worked in an advertising agency promoting eggs, but says she was not the author of the famous “Go to work on an egg” slogan.

  • Daily Mail, page 13

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