Eight sound ways to scare those birds

20 November 1998

Eight sound ways to scare those birds

KEEP birds at bay around buildings with the eight-sound blaster bird-scarer from Yorks-based DM Electronics.

Featuring dog barks, shotgun, siren, bird noise and screaming, the Millennium 120 unit features a digital clock, repeat facility from 10 to 45 minute intervals, and choice of repeat sounds. Complete with 25m (80ft) cables, two 30 watt speakers and separate control box, it runs off a 12v battery and costs £198.

The Millennium 32 bird-scarer is a bolt-on addition to a gas/electric birdscarer featuring five different sounds. Timed to play while gas builds up in the birdscarer chamber, it features a 10W speaker and costs £60. Both systems are waterproof (01969-622778).

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