Ely really fine place to see

17 April 1998

Ely really fine place to see

IF YOU live in central England or East Anglia and are undecided which 50th anniversary celebration to attend, come to Ely. Even on a cold, windy and very wet day, I received a lovely welcome from everyone I met in the city.

The cathedral is spectacular and I hope to make time to visit the stained-glass museum on May 19 even if it means getting up with the lark! The buffet lunch after the service is at the Maltings by the riverside, so it should be a grand day out and car parking is free.

On the way to Ely I stopped off in Boston to see how that Lincolnshire FWC group was getting on – its almost three years since my last visit. There has been a change of contact leader, Sue Jaques has taken over from Marilyn Rylott who served the group admirably for 12 years. At an earlier meeting Marilyn had received a gift token in acknowledgement of all her work.

When the speaker for the evening arrived, I was a little concerned as his appearance was that of a paramedic dressed in green overalls. However, my fears were ungrounded when he donned white coat and was transformed into Eric Phipps, butcher extraordinaire, who kept everyones attention for an hour while he demonstrated his skill at cutting meat – and the way he spoke of cooking meat made the mouth water.

Forty members enjoyed a happy evening among friends and, as someone said, you can never have too many friends.

Jean Howells

Sue Jaques presents a token to Marilyn Rylott, retiring contact leader of Boston Lincs FWC, in appreciation of her 12 years service to the group.

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