Engine changes and cab restyle in new TS range

7 November 1997

Engine changes and cab restyle in new TS range

BY DEFINITION, few machines stay modern for very long. It is a point not lost on New Holland which has now dispensed with the six-year-old 85hp 6640 and 95hp 7740, and replaced them with the three-model TS range.

At first glance, there is little in terms of styling to differentiate the build of the 80hp TS90, the 90hp TS100 and the TS110 from the two out-goers. Features such as sloping bonnet and the option of blue or terracotta livery are retained.

It is only when the finer points are discovered that the reason for the new designations becomes apparent. All three models are powered by four-cylinder "emissioned" PowerStar engines – emissioned now the buzz word for engines claimed to meet planned emission targets. The smaller two models have naturally aspirated versions, while the TS110 gets a turbocharger on board.

Staying near the engine, the bonnet is now a one-piece construction and can be lifted from the front to expose most of the servicing areas – without having to remove the exhaust pot. If, however, it is removed, the bonnet lifts higher still to allow a full, all-round inspection.

Oil and air-conditioning radiators are attached to sliding racks in front of the main radiator and can be removed for cleaning.

Transmission options remain much as before with the option of New Hollands Dual Command system as standard or, for those requiring greater sophistication, the ElectroShift.

Dual Command, which incorporates an electro-hydraulic clutchless system, offers 24 forward and 24 reverse ratio complete with button activated range changes and a clutchless shuttle. ElectroShifts 16×16 box is achieved through the use of four power-shift speeds in each of four ranges. A creep speed option is also available.

Engine and transmission apart, the operator will notice that most changes have occurred in the cab. Using the same shell as the 40 Series, the new models are fitted out with larger seats, stronger trim material and a slightly different control layout.

In particular, the addition of a joystick control for two external hydraulic outlets should make using a loader a more pleasant experience.

The TS range, which will be built at Basildon, is due to be available early next year. &#42

New Hollands TS models replace the four-cylinder 40 Series and to the untrained eye, remain visually similar. The biggest changes are to the cabs interior (inset) which gets a different control layout and larger seat.

New Holland TS range



Transmission Dual Command 24 x 24 option

ElectroShift 16 x 16

Two and 4WD versions available

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