Englands overplanting increases again

By Farmers Weekly staff

MAFFS recently released June census figures have raised fears that England has overshot its arable base area by more than usual.

In 1998 and 1999, over-planting reached 1.4% and 0.94% respectively.

This year, it is thought to be at least 1.5%, and perhaps as high as 2%, says Francis Mordaunt of farm business consultant Andersons.

“Its not a straightforward calculation, since the MAFF area includes some non-eligible land. And MAFF figures are provisional. But it seems that the scalebacks could be more than we were expecting.”

A 2% penalty would cut wheat payments by 4.34 to 212.92/ha, though this seasons agrimoney compensation, worth 11/ha, would be unaffected.

Scotland has already announced its new combined overshoot of 2.9%, and Wales and Northern Ireland will, as usual, escape penalty.

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