Entrepreneur behind Dolly the sheep

17 September 1999

Entrepreneur behind Dolly the sheep

SIMON Best, an entrepreneur who helped develop Roslin BioMed, the company associated with Dolly the cloned sheep, is profiled in the Financial Times.

The founding scientists of the company intended to commercialise “nuclear transfer” through xenotransplantation, animal-to-human transplants.

The idea was to use the same method to create “transgenic” pigs genetically modified so that their organs were compatible with human tissue.

But Mr Best is credited with broadening this goal by making transgenic animals able to produce human blood products and humanised antibodies.

Roslin BioMed has since been sold to Geron of the US and Mr Best is now managing director of Geron-BioMeds European division.

  • Financial Times 17/09/99 page VII (Private Equity – Survey)

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